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Boerne City and Kendall County Election
State Legislation -- E-Verity & Redistricting
Atlas Shrugged The Movie Part 1
Constitution Seminar in Kerrville
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05/02-10 /2011  Early voting for Boerne City Council
05/05/2011   National Day of Prayer

05/14/2011  Boerne City Council voting 

06/11/2011   Constitution Seminar in Kerrville










Hello Boerne Tea Party Patriots,

We are almost half way through 2011 and the 2012 elections are only 18 months away.  There continues to be so much that we would like to share with you but know that you receive many emails and do lots of online reading already.  There were some areas of interest that we wanted to share and so you have an email with updates.  This Thursday, May 5, is our National Day of Prayer.  Many churches are holding special services on this day if you are interested in attending. As we all pray for rain in our beloved Hill Country, we also pray for the many that have been adversely impacted by the weather.  Our thoughts and prayers extend to all those who protect and defend us and their families.

Boerne City and Kendall County Election

Boerne City has mayoral and City Council races to be decided.  The Boerne Tea Party submitted questions to the candidates and we have their responses on our website, if you have not seen them. In addition the Boerne City website has more voting information. 


Early Voting: May 2 - 10 

Time Details:  8 am - 6 pm; extended hours May 4 and May 10 - 7:30 am to 7:30 pm

Address: 221 Fawn Valley (across from Boerne High School in the old Dollar General store location)

State Legislation -- E-Verify and Redistricting 

E-Verify bill - HB 1275 --Time is running out for getting this bill through the House because a bill must clear the State Affairs Committee, and have a floor vote scheduled by the Calendars Committee by May 9th. It was left pending in the State Affairs Committee so it appears to be stuck in committee.   While HB 1275 is not the strongest possible E-Verify bill, it is critical to get an E-Verify bill out of committee so we have something to work with on the floor. Too many good bills have died in the State Affairs Committee in prior sessions.  We can't afford to let this happen again!


 Redistricting from George Rodriguez, SA Tea Party


Regarding the state's redistricting plan, Tea Party groups across Texas are supporting Plan H166- NIXON STATEWIDE HOUSE PROPOSAL 2. The reasons for supporting this plan are:

It is more reflective of the voting patterns of the state
It is fair and legal
It accurately reflects the voters intent -Includes a minimal amount of pairings -Consistently compact where possible
It is in compliance with the Voting Rights Act
It protects conservative House members
It provides for reelection of the conservative freshman House members that the voters elected in an overwhelming mandate in 2010
To view the map, click here (http://gis1.tlc.state.tx.us/) to go to  DistrictViewer, click on "select plans," and then select "base plan."  Select "Plan H166- NIXON STATEWIDE HOUSE PROPOSAL 2."
Rep. Burt Solomons has Plan 155, but his map puts some of the most conservative State Reps in districts where they will have to run against others of their party. It clusters conservative voters, which could make it easier for liberals to isolate if there is ever another "liberal wave". This could cause conservatives to be a minority. 
We should call our Reps. in Austin and tell them we support Plan H 166.

Atlas Shrugged the Movie Part 1   


These are some of the comments from the Tea Party Express in reviewing this movie.  Fortunately the movie in its opening week did far better than expected and is now being shown in more theatres. This link shows you which theatres in our area are showing it:    

The movie based on Ayn Rand's monumental book written over 60+ years ago serves as a wake up call to the dangers posed when government takes on too much power and subverts the will and freedom of the individual.  Specifically it showcases what happens when entrepeneurship and free market principles are deemed to be unseemly and unacceptable to Big Government.  Sound Familiar???   

The Progressives don't want you to see this movie that reflects the truth about what is happening to America today.  Take family and friends to see it.  If you have seen it once, go see it . 


 Constitution Seminar in Kerrville  

The Second Ark Foundation is sponsoring a seminar, The Making of America, on June 11th in Kerrville. It is an all day seminar with a morning session entitled Developing America's Great Success Formula, a lunch buffet and the afternoon session  "The  Perfect Plan of Liberty".  There is a registration fee for this seminar.  Please check this link for additional information if you are interested:                     


About the Boerne Tea Party and Volunteers 

The Boerne Tea Party is a volunteer organization focused on the Constitution and Conservatism.  We believe in fiscal responsibility, limited government, national security and free markets.  We do this through Events, Education and Elections.  We are planning an event for this month but do not have the specifics at this time.  As soon as they are set, we will forward them to you.  


We have a small group of volunteers who devote their energy, time and skills to the organization.  The Tea Party is YOU and we are always in need of volunteers. Let us know what interests you and any special area where you'd like to help. Do you have a particular passion about an issue and want to get involved? Perhaps their is a speaker you heard who you think would bring a good message to the Tea Party; let us know.  Email us today! info@boerneteapartypatriots.org  


Boerne Tea Party Facebook  Friends 



Thanks to you who are following the Boerne Tea Party on Facebook. 
We have gone from 20 to 40 and now over 100 Friends and we want to keep growing.  Facebook is a good vehicle for timely updates and our posts are particularly focused on those things that you will find of interest or need to know.  


Jennifer Hernandez does a great job of keeping our FB presence dynamic.  We also want to invite you to dialogue on FB.We must use all the tools at our disposal to fight the hope and change groups.  


Our new email address: 




































































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